The Plugin is compatible with Protégé 5+ and can be installed with Protégé's Auto-Update Function.


  • the latest version 0.2.2 can also be downloaded as jar-File from our repository
  • copy this jar-file into the plugins subdirectory of your Protégé installation directory

Source Code

Change Log

0.2.2 (August 7, 2019)

  • can be downloaded as jar-file from here
  • New: Added Keyword Probability Slider (Issue #150)

0.2.1 (May 22, 2019)

  • can be downloaded as jar-file from here
  • New: Implementation of MergeXPlain and Progression (Issue #154)

0.2.0.RC (January 18, 2019)

  • can be downloaded as jar-file from here
  • New: Added tutorial video in tool menu (Issue #153)
  • New: Added new Query Quality Measures (Issue #149)
  • Fix: Performance improvements (Issue #133)
  • Fix: Fix in preferences (Issue #152)

0.1.9.RC (October 22, 2018)

  • can be downloaded as jar-file from here
  • New: Added new menu item for feedback (Issue #101)
  • New: Add button for test driven non entailed positive test cases (Issue #112)
  • New: Redesign of evaluation results of saved test cases (Issue #143)
  • New: Redesign of Possible Ontology Repair view (Issue #144)
  • New/Fix: Redesign and fix for explanations in repair interface (Issue #145)
  • New: Copy/Paste for debugger views (Issue #146)

0.1.8.BETA (September 20, 2018)

  • can be downloaded as jar-file from here
  • New: Test Driven Ontology Development Feature (Issues #139, #135, #132)
  • New: More detailed information during search for repair/queries (Issue #99)
  • Fix: Start button remained inactive when no reasoner was selected (Issue #142)
  • Fix: Better message for inconsistent background along with test cases (Issue #94)
  • Fix: Correct disposal of resources after ontology repair (Issue #141)
  • Fix: OntologyChangeEvents causing badly behaving listener (Issue #140)
  • Fix: Wrong yellow background color and inferred tooltip for original test cases (Issue #136)
  • Fix: Module extraction does not take into account manually added negative test cases (Issue #135)
  • Fix: Remove success notification after storing test cases (#134)

0.1.7.BETA (May 8, 2018)

  • can be downloaded as jar-file from here
  • New: Replaced icon of reset button in repair interface (Issue #128)
  • New: Added an explanation text in repair interface (Issue #125)
  • New: Added help texts to test case editor (Issue #129)
  • New: Added Move All Buttons to InputOntologyView (Issue #118)
  • New: Added search filters for Axiomtype (Issue #119)
  • New: Showing automatically generated anonymous individuals (Issue #123)
  • New: Changed licence of module protege-plugin (Issue #105) and comply with Apache Licence Appendix for other modules (Issue #106)
  • New: Reduced log verbosity (Issue #111)
  • New: Adaptations in implementation of IQPartitionRequirementsMeasures (Issue #115)
  • New: Renamed Inv-QuickXPlain to Inv-HS-Tree (Issue #113)
  • New: Removed HS-DAG diagnosis engine (Issue #110)
  • Fix: Reset search filters when resetting selected tab to default state (Issue #127)
  • Fix: Remembering scrollbar position (Issue #126)
  • Fix: Nullpointer Exception when switching reasoner from Mastro DL-Lite Reasoner (Issue #124)
  • Fix: Showing inferred axioms in test cases after debugging session (Issue #122)
  • Fix: Retaining axioms in background beyond changes in life cycle (Issue #109)
  • Fix: Incorrect disposal of reasoner fixed (Issue #108)
  • Fix: Different Semantics of setMaxNumberOfDiagnoses(0) for Inv-HS-Tree and HS-Tree fixed (Issue #120)
  • Fix: QPartitionOperations.findQPartition return fix (Issue #114)

0.1.6.BETA (February 13, 2018)

  • can be downloaded as jar-file from here
  • New: Permanent storage of test cases into ontology annotations (Issue #95)
  • Fix: Minor text changes

0.1.5.BETA (December 19, 2017)

  • can be downloaded as jar-file from here
  • New: Repair interface with explanations (Issues #63, #53)
  • New: Manual addition of testcases (Issue #104)
  • New: Support of module extraction (Issue #72)
  • New: All axioms are now assumed to as possibly faulty by default
  • New: Order conflicts by size (Issue #98)
  • New: Add/remove multiple axioms to the background knowledge (Issue #56)
  • New: Cancel enhanced query computation (Issues #58, #74)
  • New: Removed "not sure" icon in queries view (Issue #91)
  • Fix: Check for recurring and duplicate queries because of entailment errors caused by reasoner (Issue #79)

0.1.4.BETA (May 19, 2017)

  • can be downloaded as jar-file from here
  • Fix: Proper handling of unexpected behaviour/errors/exceptions during debugging session (Issues #76, #77, #80, #82, #84, #85, #90)
  • Fix: Activates Debugging Buttons after exceptions (Issue #71)
  • Fix: Fix for query view layout on resetting selected tab during a running debugging session (Issue #86)
  • Fix: Removed race conditions causing deadlocks and resulting in unresponsive UI during the ontology engineering process (Issue #87)
  • Fix: Hide anonymous debugging ontologies while running debugging sessions (Issue #88)
  • Fix: Corrected implementation of keyword count in OWL Axioms for syntax based preference function for preference order (Issue #83)
  • New: Reset preferences to defaults (Issue #73)
  • New: Added Wiki entries for views (Issues #75, #89)

0.1.3.BETA (February 10, 2017)

  • can be downloaded as jar-file from here
  • New: Usability improvements by the addition of a progress window (Issues #34 and #48)
  • New: Underline inferred axiom to support common view look and feel (Issue #57)
  • New: Use Sections in Debugger Views to support common view look and feel (Issue #70)
  • New: Add help for debugger views (active in Protege 5.1.1) (Issues #60 and #61)
  • New: Added Documentation menu entry referring to wiki (Issue #60)
  • New: Preference layout redesign for Fault Localization (Issue #64)
  • New: Enable selection of conflict searcher in preferences (Issue #7)
  • New: Added preference option for choosing the desired Repair Preference Order (Issue #24)
  • New: Changed Header Color for Debugger Views from #810000 to #7A9438
  • Fix: Renaming active ontology's IRI causes loss to the reference of its debugger instance (Issue #69)
  • Fix: Improved InverseQuickXPlainEngine
  • Other minor fixes and improvements
  • Renaming: Prefer the term Repair instead of Diagnoses or Possibly Faulty Axiom Sets

0.1.2.BETA (November 22, 2016)

  • can be downloaded as jar-file from here
  • New: Paging and navigating through the set of possible faulty axioms showing at most 100 axioms (useful for large ontologies) (Issue #44)
  • New: Search feature for the possible faulty axioms (Issue #45)
  • New: Preference layout redesign for query computation (Issue #51)
  • New: Pretty-print dialogs boxes with more useful information
  • Fix: Loading ontologies without expensive reasoner calls (Issue #46)
  • Fix: Recognize change from no reasoner to a reasoner (Issue #47)
  • Fix: Preference values input validation to prevent undesirable behaviour (Issue #49)
  • Fix: Sync Diagnosis Model with Ontology Changes (Issue #52)
  • Fix: Unified formatting for logging (80 chars maximal)
  • Removed unused preferences for min, max queries
  • Algorithmic updates for RIO, Ent and SPL measures
  • Minor layout modification: exchanged display of possibly faulty with correct axioms list

0.1.1.BETA (September 14, 2016)

  • can be downloaded as jar-file from here
  • Layout-Redesign
  • the views of the ontology debugger are rearranged and icons and buttons are redesigned
  • Note: Clients that used the ontology debugger v0.1.0.BETA have to call Windows->Reset selected tab to default state to make these changes visible.
  • Redesign of lifecycle of debugging session (Start, Stop and Restart Session)
  • Renaming of components (e.g. diagnoses are renamed to fauly axioms) make components more understandable
  • Fix for usage of anonymous ontologies: the user is not anymore asked to store anonymous ontologies created by the debugger (see Now only running debugging sessions are creating and using these debugging ontologies which are then visible. When a session is stopped the debugging ontology is removed.
  • The Ontology Debugger tab has been removed. The Debugger can be opened in Tools->Debug Ontology... or in Window->Tabs->Debugger
  • and other fixes

0.1.0.BETA (August 02, 2016)

  • can be downloaded as jar-file from here
  • initial release version for public Protégé central repository for plugins


The Ontology Debugger Plugin has it's origins in on two projects which were implemented by the TU Dortmund and the Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt

  • The Exquisite - Exquisite Quality Suite which has been been implemented by the research group around Dietmar Jannach (TU Dortmund)
  • The rmbd Project which implemented a debugger plugin for Protege 4 with the contribution of Philipp Fleiß, Patrick Rodler and Konstantin Schekotihin (Alpen-Adria Universtität Klagenfurt)
  • The Plugin has been developed as part of the research project ID-GO which is funded by the Kärntner Wirtschaftsförderungsfonds (KWF).